trading using cyclesTrading using Cycles

Trading using cycles is the most important aspect in terms of market movement. Most successful professional traders will tell you that an understanding of cycles is the most critical aspect of realizing consistently high returns from trading. Identifying a stock’s natural rhythms or cycles will determine the most lucrative trade entry and exit point. Trading according to natural cycle tops and bottoms will give you much higher confidence in your trading and higher profits.

Predictive Analytics

One of the hottest buzzwords on the internet today is Predictive Analytics! – everyone from the university of Vienna to IBM to Pitney Bowes to the R project to dozens of corporate sponsors have jump into the incredible large predictive analytics pool. I guess you could say that the Foundation is now pioneering as well as being the grandfather of the technology of software development and algorithmic applications of these discoveries in natural laws – as the fundamental tool and basis of a new and truly unique science of predictive analysis.

Why we say that?

The Foundation’s underlying fundamental process of discovery and application of natural laws and processes creating and ordering change –  sets the Foundation for the Study of Cycles’ work apart – from the work of all of contemporary predictive analyses that ineffectively derives its predictive modelling only from data extraction and mathematical manipulations of the past data – without attempting to understand and apply the natural laws and processes which are responsible – for creating the observed data.

The simplest way to trade profitably is by trading using cycles!

Why is that? – Because by trading using cycles you have a road map of how the market can move weeks, months, even years in advance. – So you can prepare your trading strategy also in advance.

Cycles are driving the markets!

Can we prove this? – Below we have two examples where we are presenting two different assets with two different cycles.

The first one -VIX- is presenting a closer look of how we are taking positions using cycles, and the second one -XOM- presents multiple trade positions. Below we will see an example of the 84.8 trading days cycle in the (^VIX) Volatility SP-500 index and the 117 trading day cycle in (XOM) EXXON MOBILE. This is the main advantage of trading using cycles.