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Wealthbuilder Academy presents a unique solution to using cycles to fine-tune trading strategies into profitable income!


Wealthbuilder Trade Signals is a subscription-based service for traders featuring in-depth analyses covering S&P 500 Sectors, Stocks, Futures and Forex. The culmination of over 70 years of research and development, the Wealthbuilder Academy is now the ultimate solution for any level of trader who is interested in being prepared days, weeks or months in advance for the impact of market-turning events.

The Foundation for The Study Of Cycles own proprietary techniques makes Wealthbuilder Academy one of a kind! Join our winners table and start getting more from the markets!

How would it be like to know precisely when to enter or exit a trade?

To succeed as a trader, people need to choose a good trading strategy, but this isn’t always enough to make things run smoothly. Trading can be difficult for people because they allow their emotions to keep them from pulling the trigger on a trade. This may be the reason that you are finding it hard to be the profitable trader that you wish to be. Entering and exiting a position is the hardest part of trading. There is always a constant struggle between taking small losses and letting profits run in the hopes of taking big profits.

How many times have you experienced trading losses by exiting too soon or staying too long?

No amount of successful analysis is useful unless and until we can determine good trigger points for our trades. Our trade idea is unlikely to bring us great profit even if we think we know that the value of an asset will appreciate in the future, unless we have a clear idea of when that move will begin, and where it will end.

Wealthbuilder Academy – The ultimate solution to the problem of timing for every trader

Wealthbuilder Academy is a subscription service handcrafted by The Foundation for the Study of Cycles. Our staff is working hard to update and improve the features of Wealthbuilder Trade Signals so we can make sure our subscribers will get the best trades from the markets by using it. This report is derived from our in-house application called Techsignal and it combines the output data generated from our software with the FSC proprietary methodology developed in the past 70 plus years.

Wealthbuilder Trade Signals – S&P 500 Sectors Edition

Wealthbuilder Academy provides powerful analysis and forecasts for the most interesting assets from selected S&P 500 sectors. By subscribing to the Wealthbuilder Academy, the active trader will receive daily PDFs and email alerts with daily market updates so he can take advantage of timing markets well in advance!

Wealthbuilder Trade Signals – Forex Edition

Wealthbuilder Academy is also available for Forex covering the most widely-traded Forex currencies. Because the currency markets are not subject to manipulation – near as much as equities – and because the Forex Market is still by far bigger than all the global equity markets combined, cycles in currency markets are much more stable and more reliable then the cycles in equity markets.

Wealthbuilder Trade Signals – Futures Edition

In the Wealthbuilder Academy – Futures Edition, the futures trader will find timing information on all the most liquid commodities such as: Gold, Silver, Copper, Sugar, Coffee, Natural Gas, Gasoline and more.

Subscription Benefits


On-the-fly – as it happens – email alert service showing cycles oscillator triggers as The Foundation enters and exits trades

We will also publish our completed trade positions records and results in Wealthbuilder Academy – because – as we are not investment advisers – we cannot make specific trade recommendation – but we can and will report on the outcomes of the cycle trades that the cycles oscillator has detected.

The subscriber will receive an email when our proprietary cycle oscillator shows an opportunity for entries and exits to trades based on our cycle turns calendar as the Foundation takes its own trading positions.

  • Know in advance which assets will continue to rise and which assets are ready to decline
  • Take advantage of the most powerful and consistent trends across multiple time frames
  • Using Wealthbuilder Trade Signals – the trader will have at his disposal the understanding of market action in advance before the action happens
  • Using the Foundation’s new proprietary “Cycles Oscillator” will give the most likely profitable entry and exits available anywhere on earth – and absolutely blows away any technical indicators in existence!

Some kind words from our friends

I don’t know how you do it – and I don’t care…but just keep it coming! Your amazing “cycles oscillator” is exactly what I have been looking for! Now I can just look at when the market is confirming the cycle you are following and just ride the decline or the rise! Thanks for the help and continue the good work!! Kudos to FSC! My family is deeply appreciating your efforts and my extra income!

J. M. Jackson

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to Foundation For The Study Of Cycles, for the extreme professionalism extended to me during our recent meeting and training session. Needless to say, the experience was extraordinary and beyond my expectations. As one who uses complex charting systems in the pursuit of global macro-economics and intermarket technical analysis, I found the Foundation’s Report offerings, a must have in one’s arsenal of market tools. Cycles are everywhere in finance and with the Foundation’s vast historical research and now state of the art software tools, finding tradeable cycles in virtually almost all asset classes and vehicles is obtainable and affordable! Thanks again and look forward to seeing you both in the near future

Steve S.

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  • Focusing on S&P 500 SPDR Sectors, Indices, Futures, Forex and Currencies
  • Provides accurate price direction forecasting
  • Daily updates delivered to your inbox

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