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It doesn’t matter what you like to trade: Forex, stocks, commodities, etc. Any asset you can load will produce tradable results in minutes.


The analysis produces up to 25 different cycle lengths by default so you can choose one to match your trading style and profit target.


This feature automatically synchronizes the resulting cycle selection to the asset, saving you hours of painstaking work.


Instantly output a spreadsheet of your chosen trading cycle containing each future entry and exit date. Simple, easy and highly profitable!

Profit Analysis

These are examples of trading profiles over long time frames showing the enhanced profitability from trading a cycles buy and sell strategy versus a traditional buy and hold philosophy. Below you’ll find Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with more extensive studies. APPLE...

What is Techsignal?

What is Techsignal? Techsignal is the best financial analysis software for PC. This technical tool allows you to predict the stock market in few easy steps without having to learn confusing techniques. You can take analysis on any financial market just by simply...

How To Use Techsignal

Using Techsignal is quite very simple! This financial tool is designed by our research lab to be very user-friendly. We prepared for you this tutorial to guide you through our recent release. We prepared you a guide of how to use Techsignal. Just follow this tutorial...

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