History of Foundation For The Study Of Cycles

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Timing and Trading History – The Foundation began in 1941, by Edward R. Dewey, former chief economic analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce, following support from President Hoover, who hoped to discover what had caused the Great Depression.

This government assignment led to Dewey’s discovery of asynchronous “cycles” in economics and nature, and, since that time, the Foundation has made studies of tens of thousands of natural, social, and economic cycles that were checked in the past years.

The Foundation is the leading investment company to find cycles in time series data to provide precise financial strategies and Investment understanding based on our trading history


A brief history of early days of Trading History Year
On January, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles was incorporated in Connecticut, dedicated to discovering the mystery behind cycles. Since then, the Foundation has been working to shed light on this mystery. 1941
Edward R. Dewey collaborated with E.F. Dakin on a book titled, Cycles, the Science of Prediction. In this, they focused on four key economic cycles: Kondratieff’s 50-60 year cycle; Juglar’s 9 year cycles; an 18 and 1/3 year cycle mostly applying to real estate activity; and a 3 and 1/2 year stock price and business activity cycle. It became a best-seller. The most accurate cycles, however, were found to be ones in specific industrial segments, rather than broader ones. 1944
Edward R. Dewey published the “Cycles Magazine” and “Cycles: Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events”. The Foundation also published a four volume collection of cycles reports including Dewey’s selected writings on cycles named “Cycles Classic Library Collection”. 1950
Sunspot speculation – One of the more stubbornly popular economic cycle theories at the time involved sunspots. However, after much research, Dewey declared, “I don’t believe that sunspots as such have any effect on the stock market.” 1959
David Perales resurrected the Foundation For The Study of Cycles 2005
DOW Prediction published in Barron’s Online by Michael Kahn 2007
Taught Larry Edelson and the Weiss Group cycles analysis 2009
Incorporated shareholder-based FSCL3C in Illinois 2012
Updated Techsignal with Dewey’s original cycles code from before 1978 never seen by this generation of cycles members – and created programs to generate Barydyne Planetary Momentum signals. 2013
Introduced Techsignal Z technical analysis showcase for the Barydyne signal 2014
Released Techsignal 10 for batch processing assets with optimized phasing and optimized definite cycle turns trades output in 2015 2015
Introduced Rate of Change studies and Pearson’s indicators for Barydyne signal 2016
Started publication of the Foundation Report with Sectors / Futures / Forex and launched first-ever Foundation live online webinar market webcasting one hour prior to NYSE daily open forecasting market moves and trades in advance of market based on both cycles and Barydyne signal trade indicators 2017