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Timing and Trading website is an outreach stock market prediction project of the Foundation for The Study of Cycles – a  non-profit for-profit organization created to research the economic study of cycles in financial world as well as social and natural events. Our company was founded by Edward R Dewey in the State of Connecticut in 1941.  — Wikipedia


The purposes for which said corporation is formed are the following to wit: to receive, administer, and disburse funds for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare. The Foundation is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of finding and analyzing recurring patterns. This includes the stock market prediction economy, natural and social sciences, the arts and more. The Foundation’s research program aims to isolate, record, classify, catalog, compare, project, and monitor significant cycles in time series data by using in-house developed software for analysis and the latest statistical techniques.

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Financial Activities

Financial Activities Overview We serve as a clearinghouse for the research of financial activities and stock market prediction forecast for traders and investors, as well as non-professional economists and financials in cyclic behavior. Our activities lie in three...

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Investment Research

Our Experts are dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of finding and analyzing recurring patterns. This includes the stock market prediction economy, natural and social sciences, arts and more. Our investment research program analyzed more than 2000 classified...

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Before The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, there was a “committee.” The Foundation is actually the outgrowth of the permanent committee set up at the First International Conference on Biological Cycles, held at Matamek, Canada, in 1931

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