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For more information on purchasing TechSignal 9, technical queries about functionality, or how to become a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, contact:

FSC TechSignal Sales Main Contact
Catalin Ionut Guta (John), Membership Director
+1 (760) 459-4951
9am to 5pm Monday-Friday USA Pacific Time
Contact Email: i.guta@cycles.cc

TechSignal 9 consists of two programs:

  • TechSignal 9 (the flagship application) provides the major functionality of analyzing asset data, finding the clearest cycles, and posting the resulting financial results from trades, based upon whether you buy and hold, buy and sell the cycles, buy cycles at the bottoms and exit at the tops, or sell at the tops and exit at the bottom.
  • AutoStop is a complementary program that allows you to program in custom stops at a percentage of your choice. The program will calculate the price points based upon your cycle turns file. This lets you simply program them into your trading software as you program in your trade entries.

Technical Specifications

TechSignal has been designed to run on all versions of Windows, from Windows XP on up. There are no restrictions in terms of processor speed.

Five Simple Steps to Realizing Greater Profits in Your Trading

ipad 1. Choose Any Asset You Want to Trade
Choose any asset you want to trade, stocks, currencies, commodities … from any type of exchange, anywhere in the world. As long as you can obtain several years of data for it, you can import it into Techsignal 9. We provide a data page with a list of sources for data in almost every type of tradable asset.
Yahoo-AMZN 2. Load Your Data Into Techsignal 9
TechSignal 9 now has an auto-load feature that lets you type in an asset symbol and automatically load it in from Yahoo Finance. However, Yahoo Finance doesn’t carry data for currencies, for example. For data not carried by Yahoo, you can load it in manually from another source. You’ll find information on how to configure third party files here.
cycles 3. Run a Cycles Analysis
Run an analysis to find the best cycles. What TechSignal 9 does is search the data for consistent, recognizable cycles of varying lengths, identifies those cycles and then analyzes the profitability of those cycles bases upon several techniques: buying and holding, buying and selling the cycles, selling the tops of cycles only, or buying the cycle bottoms.
selectcycles 4. Select The Most Profitable Cycles
TechSignal will identify up to 25 different cycles of varying lengths. You can choose to graphically show as many on the screen as you like at one time or show a synthesis of all of them combined. You can sort any of the data columns to identify the most profitable combinations and ultimate select a cycle or cycles that you want to trade.
autosync2landingright 5. Run AutoSync
TechSignal AutoSync actually synchronizes all cycles over the asset trading history – to optimize profits. You’ll get profit percentages for each individual cycle—showing in an easy-to-read table so you can judge for yourself the advantage of buying at cycle bottoms and selling at tops … rather than simply buying and holding.
AutoStop-button Optional – Run AutoStop
AutoStop automatically programs in a series of stops based upon the cycle you choose. They’ll be added into the turns file so that all you have to do is program the dates and price points into your trading software. The auto-stop function is set at 25% by default. If you want to change the default setting and create your own custom stops, simply launch AutoStop and import the turns file.
turns1 6. Export a Turns File and a Profits Analysis File
The final step involves exporting two files. The Turns file gives you the buy and sell dates for the cycle you’ve chosen to trade. The Profits Analysis file gives you a full analysis for all of the four trading techniques so that you can decide the best route to take for your trading style and your financial objectives.

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc. is solely responsible for the content of these products and services. No refunds, exchanges, or warranties, express or implied, on Foundation for the Study of Cycles or Techsignal publications, products, or services. No representations are made as to suitability for any particular use or application. All Sales are Final. Any investment or investment program, by its nature, involves risk, and it is up to you and your investment advisor to determine the extent of your own personal risk tolerance