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Rules for Importing Alternative Data

getyahoodataTechSignal 9 now imports data directly from Yahoo.com finance. No longer do you have to go to the Yahoo site to download a file and then import it into TechSignal 9. Instead, you simply select “Get Yahoo Data” under the “File” tab. You’ll then get a dialogue box which will ask you to type in the asset symbol.

You’ll find an Excel file with a full listing of Yahoo.com symbols by going to the Data Sources page (near the top under Yahoo Data).

You can also import alternative data (data from a wide range of sites around the internet). You’ll find a extensive list of sites on the Data Sources page.

To import alternative data, you first have to download it from the site of your choice as a .csv file and then import it into TechSignal 9 by clicking on the ACSII tab in the diagram above. You can save a file as a .csv comma delimited file by opening it in Excel and then saving it in the proper format.

However there are some other rules for the format of that data, so that it’s in a format that TechSignal 9 can read.

datain2colsThe basic configuration is 2 columns. The date field must be in month/day/year format. The price data must be in Excel “general” format for numbers, not currency. It cannot contain commas in any amounts over 1000. You should have one column of date data and a corresponding price column (preferably, the “adjusted price”—for more information on why “adjusted,” see our blog post “Importing Data and Stock Splits.”

The data must be sorted by oldest date first.

If you are using a computer in a foreign country (outside the US), you may have to go into the Windows control panel to the region setting. From there, select formats. The general format is “English, United States.” The will set the general date format for Windows to month/day/year.

Using AutoStop

datain4colsAutoStop requires additional fields of data. The data should be formatted based on the above rules and you should have four columns, labelled as Date, Open, High, Low, and Close.


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