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the foundation report

The Foundation Report

The Ultimate Solution To The Problem Of Timing For Every Trader.

marian's opening bell

Marian's Opening Bell

The most reliable webcast to the problem of timing markets available anywhere!

techsignal predictive analysis software


Meet The Best Technical Analysis Software For Traders And Investors.

Profit Analysis

These are examples of trading profiles over long time frames showing the enhanced profitability from trading a cycles buy and sell strategy versus a traditional buy and hold philosophy. Below you’ll find Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with more extensive studies. APPLE...

A Guide to Marian’s Opening Bell

A quick guide to Marian's Opening Bell Like the school opening bell that we all remember from the days when we started our education, staying in line ready for the class - a moment that give thrills to all traders today started over 2 centuries ago. It’s true that it...

What are Cycles?

Cycles are everywhere! From weather patterns to the migration of birds – to our body rhythms to animal populations – as well as market prices. A cycle is a non-chance rhythm. A cycle can be relied upon to happen again and again into the future. For over a million...

Trading using Cycles

Most successful professional traders will tell you that an understanding cycles is the most critical aspect of realizing consistently high returns from trading. Identifying a stock’s natural rhythms or cycles will determine the most lucrative trade entry and exit...

Cycles Drives the Market

Cycles, Can we prove this? Below we have two examples where we are presenting two different assets with two different cycles. The first one -VIX- is presenting a closer look of how we are taking positions using cycles, and the second one -XOM- presents multiple trade...

What is Forex?

Forex Market (Forex, FX) is a global decentralized market for trading exchange currencies. This includes all aspects of buy/sell and exchange currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of trading volume, it is by far the largest market in the world. The Most...

Forex Market: How it Works?

In this section, you can find more info about how Forex Market works. The principle of Forex Markets can be summarized as it follows: you buy one currency and sell to another. You predict if the base will strengthen or weaken against the quote, which determines...

Forex Trading Examples

Forex pairs are quoted to 5 decimal places. The fluctuation of the 4th decimal point (0.84600) is known as a pip (“percentage in points” or “price interest point”). It is the movement of these pips that will determine your profit or loss. If you sell one contract...

What is Techsignal?

What is Techsignal? Techsignal is the best financial analysis software for PC. This technical tool allows you to predict the stock market in few easy steps without having to learn confusing techniques. You can take analysis on any financial market just by simply...

How To Use Techsignal

Using Techsignal is quite very simple! This financial tool is designed by our research lab to be very user-friendly. We prepared for you this tutorial to guide you through our recent release. We prepared you a guide of how to use Techsignal. Just follow this tutorial...

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