A quick guide to Marian’s Opening Bell

Like the school opening bell that we all remember from the days when we started our education, staying in line ready for the class – a moment that give thrills to all traders today started over 2 centuries ago.

It’s true that it was not always a bell; the original signal was a gavel that in the late 1800s changed to a gong symbolizing the start and the end of a trading day. However, the bell that we know today made its appearance in 1903 when NYSE changed to current location at 18 Broad Street.

It is common today to have a celebrity or executive from a company to push the button that makes the bell ring. This tradition started in 1995 and for almost everyone represents an honor and a life of achievements.

Likewise, to honor the 76 year life of achievements of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Marian’s Opening Bell stands as a landmark milestone taking our work live to a global audience.

Every tradable day will start at the Foundation for The Study of Cycles with a live special event webcast hosted by John Guta – FSC Membership Director – and presented by our Executive Vice-President and Head of Research – Marian Guta – wherein you will receive our personal cycles point of view in trading Futures and Forex.

All the trades that you will see in the FSC’s webcast are based on our cycles studies started by the founder of the company – Edward R. Dewey in January 1941 -and continued by our President today – David M. Perales – along with the brightest and most innovative cycles teams ever assembled.

Also in the webcast we will be revealing to you our proprietary planetary signal – a new market pricing science started by Perales in April 1971 that we name today the “Barydyne Signal” – a forecast of an asset price out of sample since the year 2012 stretching through 2020 – now over 5 years of market forecast with unbelievable accuracy!

You will see charts with tools next to the price that are nowhere on the technical analysis market and will never be. You will have access to over 76 years of hard work – combined now for the first time in one daily special event webcast!

Cycle and Price

opening bell

The Foundation for The Study of Cycles presents the most interesting cycles we have found in each asset studied.

The TOPS and BOTTOMS of the cycle presents the cycle turns dates.

Every BOTTOM is showing us a LONG opportunity until the top turn point where our long exit is showed.

Every TOP is showing us a SHORT opportunity until the bottom turn point where our short exit is showed.

Cycles Oscillator

The Cycles Oscillator dynamically produces a metric useful to measure the real-time response of the underlying price to its measured cycle signal.

Entry and Exit Rules

We will enter a trade in the confirmed direction if and only if the cycle turn confirms the trade direction.

Whenever the orange line is above the black line we will search for a long trade but we will enter long only if the cycle is presenting a long trade as well.

If we are in any trade position and the orange line is going under the black line before hitting the turn point we will exit our trade.

FSC Trades Records

The blank cells from ”Cycles Oscillator Trades Record”will be filled in with the future trades as they occur.

The ”Cycles Turns Calendar” highlights the discovered cycle turns dates – We will use these dates to help determine our own trade entries and exits.

Barydyne Signal

Barydyne signal is a planetary momentum forecast of the Rate of Change of the price starting in 2012 with a length until 2020, and we are using it to map the price – to predict the direction the price is going and assist with our trading decisions based on the cycles.

Pearson Coefficient

The Pearson Coefficient is the tool that we are using to establish if we look at the Primary signal or the mirror of it. In this graph you will see five lines that are sometimes over and sometimes under the Zero Line even mixed up in some cases.

The reading of these lines can be complex but we will explain to you the basics and they are actually simple: when the lines are over the Zero Line it means we have to watch Primary Signal, if they are under – the mirror is our correct chart.

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