Using Techsignal is quite very simple! This financial tool is designed by our research lab to be very user-friendly. We prepared for you this tutorial to guide you through our recent release. We prepared you a guide of how to use Techsignal. Just follow this tutorial article to learn more about this technical analysis tool.

1. Add the symbol you want to trade


To do this just simply press:

  • Open ASCII to load your market stock quote for analysis.
  • Get Yahoo Data, to download the data from Yahoo Finance or
  • Open Yahoo data to open your existing asset

2. Analyze your market quote data


After the import of your historical price data you need to:

  • Adjust beginning date for the analysis
  • Press Begin New Analysis, to start process your historical market quote

3. Adjust Cycles for best Buy/Sell

Now all you need to do is:

  • Press Select All Cycles
  • Press Auto Sync Cycle Phases to start adjusting the cycles for best buy and sell percentage.

After you finished adjusting the cycles phases for the selected financial stock quote, just sort the highest win ratio at the top and lowest at the bottom. That’s all you need to know how to use Techsignal.