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The Foundation for the Study of Cycles was established in the State of Connecticut as a non-stock scientific and philanthropic research organization on January 10th of 1941.

cycle trading

“Cycles” – as the FSC studies them – can be easily understood as a “non-chance rhythm” – which if they exist – implies they can be counted on to repeat into the future as a predictive tool.

In its simplest form, a cycle is a simply a sine wave which has these basic components:

cycles trades

Very simply, the cycle high or crest – will map to the expected top of the price – and the cycle low or trough – will map to the expected bottom of the price. This behavior is shown below for the Volatility Index – the VIX.

trading vix

The cycles trading model produced by the FSC is likewise simple – go long at the bottom of the cycle and go short at the top. Our proprietary in-house methodology, first coded in FORTRAN at the University of Pennsylvania in 1953, isolates “predictive” cycles from the cycles produced by the initial harmonic analysis of the price time series.

How would it be like to know precisely when to enter or exit a trade ?

In order to succeed as a trader, people need to choose a good trading strategy, but this isn’t always enough to make things run smoothly. Trading can be difficult for people because they allow their emotions to keep them from pulling the trigger on a trade. This may be the reason that you are finding it hard to be the profitable trader that you wish to be. Entering and exiting a position is the hardest part of trading.  There is always a constant struggle between taking small losses and letting profits run in the hopes of taking big profits.

How many times have you experienced trading losses by exiting too soon or staying too long?

No amount of successful analysis is useful unless and until we can determine good trigger points for our trades. Even if we think we know that the value of an asset will appreciate in the future, unless we have a clear idea of when that move will begin, and where it will end, our trade idea is unlikely to bring us great profit.

The Foundation Report –  A solution to the problem of timing for every trader.

The Foundation Report was originaly published as Cycles Projection Magazine in 1993 and the publication was renamed to The Foundation Report in 2008 with the existing copyright id: CSN0093894. The Report is being updated for digital distribution under the existing name of The Foundation Report.

TFR Focuses On The Following Sectors

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TFR Subscription Benefits

Weekly PDF reports with updated completed trades records of each asset

On-the-fly – as it happens – email alert service showing cycles oscillator triggers as The Foundation enters and exits trades.

We will also publish our completed trade positions records and results in The Foundation Report – because – as we are not investment advisers – we can not make specific trade recommendation in this publication – but we can and will report on the outcomes of the cycle trades that the cycles oscillator has detected.

The subscriber will receive an email when our proprietary cycle oscillator shows an opportunity for entries and exits to trades based on our cycle turns calendar as the Foundation takes its own trading positions.

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