Financial Activities Overview

We serve as a clearinghouse for the research of financial activities and stock market prediction forecast for traders and investors, as well as non-professional economists and financials in cyclic behavior. Our activities lie in three areas:

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Original Financial Research

Timing and Trading’s Financial Research program aims to record, classify, isolate, catalog, project, compare, and monitor significant cycles in time series data with the use of Techsignal software and the latest statistical techniques in the financial industry. Results are regularly reported in The Foundation Report, and occasionally are issued separately as special reports.

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Business Intelligence

Our company gathers the information about the financial affairs of entities of interest, We use Techsignal software to understand the nature and capabilities of financing, and to predict their intentions.  One of the main goals of studying the financial intelligence is to classify and project the price direction.

Timing and Trading’s  financial analysis techniques consist of investigating a large volume of transnational data using Techsigna’s data-mining  techniques to identify potentially market trades engaged in a specific activity.

Data Collection

The most extensive selection of unique computerized statistical data found anywhere in the world is maintained by our Financial Experts. Many series are exclusive to the Timing and Trading, which is continually enlarging its database of statistical series. The Financial catalog of more than 1,417 financial cycles, recorded by length and by discipline, is updated regularly.

Financial activities include any activity engaged in the primary purpose of making a profit. This is a general term that encompasses all the economic activities carried out by a company during the course of business. Business activities, including operating, investing and financing activities, are ongoing and focused on creating value for shareholders.