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This section contains a wealth of guides related to Timing and Trading.

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What is The Foundation Report?

The Foundation Report (TFR) is an financial Investment service designed for the study of economic cycles that features with vital and timely financial market insights across the globe. This report focuses on FOREX, Futures and S&P 500 Sectors. View product page »

What is Techsignal

TECHSIGNAL is more than your economic cycles profits calculator. This program allows you to take analysis on any market of your choice being able to automatically imports data in seconds. This allows you to identify multiple financial cycles to match your financial trading style. In this app you have the possibility to export the turns data file, instantly output a spreadsheet of your chosen trading cycles containing each past and future entry and exit date. View product page »

What is Marian's Opening Bell

Marian’s Opening Bell is an live investment webinar that provide you with vital timely market information about the price movement of Futures, S&P 500 Sectors and FOREX before NYSE opening trading hours. You can participate live in the webinar by using  Cisco WebEx — Online Meetings and Video ConferencingView product page »

I am a new investor. Is this suitable for investment beginners?

Yes. This is a perfect course for beginners to start in investing and to understand the cycles of the global economy and other investment asset classes. We provide you with investing help guides to find the perfect trading methods that suits your needs and styles.

How do I get started with my new subscription?

Please follow the email received after purchase. It does contains the User Guide to provide you a better understanding about how our investment products works. After that just wait for the next communication updates.

If you did not received the email after your purchase, please contact us at:

I just subscribed and there is a trade running that i'd like to trade. What should I do?

The market tends to change very quickly so your investment too. We suggest you to wait for the next event and then request advice from our data specialists for the selected trade.

When are the Financial services updated?

The Foundation Report: Monday to Friday – The reports are instantly updated in your membership page as soon as they are available.

Marian’s Opening Bell: Monday to Friday, at 8.30 AM PDT, before NYSE’s trading hours – You will receive an email invitation to participate in the live event.

How can I view The Foundation Report published issues?

The Foundation Report uses Adobe PDF format. You can access the latest issues from your membership page.

I am very busy and I can't be around my computer all day, How can I receive text alerts?

Our services supports email and phone alerts! We provide you with the active trading services so we can set you up with a text alert to your phone number, the next day, and every time a new report is issued, you’ll be notified by you phone.

Please Note: To access this feature, please submit a request to: 

Can I change my personal details and other information online?

You can make any changes you want under My Account page from the membership website.

Can I share my account with others?

No. You can’t use your account with multiple IP’s. Our membership website not allows you to share your account by more than one user. In case your account is restricted, please follow the information provided when you receive this message after log in.

How do I participate in the Marian's Opening Bell Webinar?

This Webinar require you to use the CISCO Webex extension, you can grab it from here:  Cisco WebEx — Online Meetings and Video Conferencing. You will receive an email invitation from our editors before the live webinar starts.

Does Timing and Trading guarantee for my trades?

No. Our investment products are used to help you generate trade ideas that can be used to make stock and option trades. However, Timing and Trading provides absolutely no guarantees on stock or option performance. You use our products at your own risk. When to place trades and enter and exit positions is only up to you.

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