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The Foundation for the Study of Cycles ( FSC ) is an international non-profit research organization created to foster, promote, and conduct scientific research in respect to rhythmic and periodic fluctuations in any branch of human endeavor. It was incorporated in the state of Connecticut by Edward R Dewey in 1941. Currently, the Foundation is applying its knowledge and database to the study of other natural cycles that will alter how the world perceives its own universe.


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The Foundation steps forward with deep guidance for all market segment planners and financial analysts, shedding light on the deeper influence of natural cycles upon market movements. The accuracy and depth of our data has startled industry experts, driving deeper interest from the highest levels of the financial world

What are Cycles?

Cycles are everywhere! From weather patterns to the migration of birds – to our body rhythms to animal populations – as well as market prices. A cycle is a non-chance rhythm. A cycle can be relied upon to happen again and again into the future. For over a million...

Trading using Cycles

Most successful professional traders will tell you that an understanding cycles is the most critical aspect of realizing consistently high returns from trading. Identifying a stock’s natural rhythms or cycles will determine the most lucrative trade entry and exit...

Cycles Drives the Market

Cycles, Can we prove this? Below we have two examples where we are presenting two different assets with two different cycles. The first one -VIX- is presenting a closer look of how we are taking positions using cycles, and the second one -XOM- presents multiple trade...

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