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The Foundation for the Study of Cycles was incorporated in the State of Connecticut 1941 as a non-stock research corporation and has been a trusted provider since that time.

The Foundation is the originator of cycles analysis as practiced anywhere by anyone at any time today.

Cycles® is our registered trademark based on our first publication of our Cycles Magazine in June of 1950

Building a winning trading or investing plan has never been easier!

Our personal wealth accumulation specialists, trading and investment analyses, risk management services, as well as our “developed-here” in-house cycles-based predictive technical tools are now second to none. Our proprietary time-tested timing and trading models can help any trader, investor, or money manager to know – precisely and accurately – when to get in and when to get out – of trades and investments – thereby allowing for the highest realized returns in any desired time frame!


We provide you with the tools it takes to:

Improve anyone’s trading and investing style as an active trader or investor – and gain the highest level of confidence in their own personal customized trading or investing strategy!

We also provide a powerful predictive mix of analytics, news & market alerts!

Our full-spectrum range of timing and trading services turns our cycles-driven technical insights into real client profits by taking advantage of the most unique specialist data and focused predictive analyses available anywhere – to anyone – at any time!

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Included With Your Free Membership Will Be 30 Days Of Free Trade Signals – As Well As Unlimited Free Access To Many Foundation Resources Of Use And Interest To All Cycles Traders Everywhere!



Our compounded re-investment trade modeling built into our Techsignal software programs allows for exponential – rather than linear – growth of any portfolio or trading strategy – and thereby yielding maximum financial returns under any market conditions.


Trusted provider since 1941 – the originator of cycles analysis as practiced anywhere today. We are constantly upgrading our own disruptive technology predictive tools.


We project and deliver our results based on our custom predictive analyses of each individual portfolio. Our proprietary cycles-driven services and analysis tools help anyone – anywhere – using our predictive work to achieve rapid real-time wealth accumulation – by compounding secure risk-managed strategies and returns – over a given period of time.

I’ve been trading the Barydyne signals for the past few weeks and have experienced an astounding winning percentage. If I wasn’t trading this myself with real money, I’d say it’s too good to be true. I started actively trading about 15 years ago, have purchased nearly every trading software imaginable and spent many thousands of dollars on trading courses. For all this investment of time and money, I’ve been able to become a moderately profitable trader, but so far, not profitable enough to trade full-time. Therefore, I’m excited to be participating in this project and to learn more about the methodology.

Brad K.


I don’t know how you do it – and I don’t care…but just keep it coming! Your amazing “cycles oscillator” is exactly what I have been looking for! Now I can just look at when the market is confirming the cycle you are following and just ride the decline or the rise! Thanks for the help and continue the good work!! Kudos to FSC! My family is deeply appreciating your efforts and my extra income!

J.M Jackson


I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to FSC staff, for the extreme professionalism extended to me during our recent meeting and training session. Needless to say, the experience was extraordinary and beyond my expectations. As one who uses complex charting systems in the pursuit of global macro-economics and inter market technical analysis, I found the Foundation’s Software offerings, a must have in one’s arsenal of market tools.

Steve S.



FSC provides all the necessary and sufficient tools to become your own personal wealth accumulation specialist!


Profit Analysis

These are examples of trading profiles over long time frames showing the enhanced profitability from trading a cycles buy and sell strategy versus a traditional buy and hold philosophy. Below you’ll find Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with more extensive studies. APPLE...

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What are Cycles?

Cycles are everywhere! From weather patterns to the migration of birds – to our body rhythms to animal populations – as well as market prices. A cycle is a non-chance rhythm. A cycle can be relied upon to happen again and again into the future. For over a million...

Trading using Cycles

Most successful professional traders will tell you that an understanding cycles is the most critical aspect of realizing consistently high returns from trading. Identifying a stock’s natural rhythms or cycles will determine the most lucrative trade entry and exit...

Cycles Drives the Market

Cycles, Can we prove this? Below we have two examples where we are presenting two different assets with two different cycles. The first one -VIX- is presenting a closer look of how we are taking positions using cycles, and the second one -XOM- presents multiple trade...

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Forex Market: How it Works?

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How To Use Techsignal

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Financial Activities

Financial Activities Overview We serve as a clearinghouse for the research of financial activities and stock market prediction forecast for traders and investors, as well as non-professional economists and financials in cyclic behavior. Our activities lie in three...

Investment Research

Our Experts are dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of finding and analyzing recurring patterns. This includes the stock market prediction economy, natural and social sciences, arts and more. Our investment research program analyzed more than 2000 classified...